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Tibet Permits

What is Tibet Travel Permit

Tibet Travel Permit, or Tibet Entry Permit, is foremost and compulsory for foreign passport holders to enter Tibet. Issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau, it is also called TTB permit. Without the permit, you can’t board a flight or train to Tibet or cross overland from Nepal, also will not be able to get other permits to continue to travel Tibet further.

Who Has to Carry a Tibet Entry Permit?
● Non-Chinese passport holders - US citizens, UK citizens, Australians, Canadians, Germans, etc.
● The Taiwan tourists, who do not have the valid identity card of China;
● The overseas Chinese, who do not have Chinese passport or ID card.
Note: Hong Kong and Macau Citizens can visit Tibet without Tibet permit.

How to get Tibet Travel Permit

According to policy of Tibet Tourism Bureau, traveler can not apply the Tibet Travel Permit on his(her) own. He(she) has to book tour service from a certificated agency, and let the agency apply the permit.

1. Work out a detailed itinerary in Tibet and contact a China travel agency. 2. Hire a tour guide and driver for your every day tour(your travel agency will arrange for you).
3. Send scanned copies of your valid passport and China visa to your China travel agency.
4. Offer an available address in China(hotel or local agency) to receive your permit.
5. Your travel agency apply for and obtain Tibet Travel Permit in Lhasa.
6. Your travel agency express the permit to you, or let a tour guide give it to you at airport or train station before your trip.
Note: Above policy doesn't apply to diplomats, journalists, media photographer or government officials.